Was sonst nirgends reinpassen würde

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"Mein Onkel ist Pfarrer!", prahlt ein Junge. "Alle Leute reden ihn mit 'Hochwürden' an!"
"Wenn schon", meldet sich ein zweiter, "mein Onkel ist Kardinal, und alle sagen 'Eminenz' zu ihm!"
Fritzchen hat das Gespräch belauscht und winkt mitleidig ab. "Hochwürden und Eminenz klingen ja ganz schön, aber ich habe einen Onkel, der wiegt 250 Kilo. Wenn der auf der Straße geht, sagen alle Leute: 'Allmächtiger Gott'!"
Nur der Einfältige fürchtet die Vielfalt


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Kleine Englisch Lektion

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Kleine Englisch Lektion

:lol: :lol:

Eve and the LORD

One day in the Garden of Eden, Eve called out to God.
"Lord, I have a problem!"

"What's the problem, Eve?"

"Lord, I know you created me and provided this beautiful garden and all of
these wonderful animals and that hilarious comedic snake, but I'm just not

"Why is that, Eve?" came the reply from above.

"Lord, I am lonely, and I'm sick to death of apples."

"Well, Eve, in that case, I have a solution. I shall create a man for you."

"What's a man, Lord?"

"This man will be a flawed creature, with many bad traits. He'll lie, cheat,
and be vain; all in all, he'll give you a hard time. But he'll be bigger,
faster, and will like to hunt and kill things. He will look silly when he's
aroused, but since you've been complaining, I'll create him in such a way
that he will satisfy your physical needs. He will be
witless and will revel in childish things like fighting, punching and
kicking a ball about. He won't be too smart, he'll have a short attention
span so he'll also need your advice to think properly."

"Sounds great," said Eve, with an ironically raised eyebrow. "What's the
catch, Lord?"

"Well ... you can have him on one condition."

"What's that, Lord?"

"As I said, he'll be proud, arrogant, and self-admiring. So you'll have to
let him believe that I made him first. Just remember, it's our little
secret... You know, woman to woman."

:lol: :lol: :shock:

LG cobra


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English Lesson II von Mönch und Abt

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

stark, ok, dann übersetz das gleich auch noch:

:twisted: :twisted:

Monk & Abbot

A young monk is told to copy the church laws by hand. He notices, however, that the text he is using is also a copy of the original manuscript. He says to the abbot:
"If there is a mistake in the first copy, all the later copies will have the same mistake."

The abbot says, "We have been doing it this way for centuries, but you're right." He goes to check the original, which is kept in a locked room. Hours go by, and the abbot still has not returned. Worried, the other monks begin to search for him. They find the old man hitting his head against a wall and crying uncontrollably. The young monk asks, "What's wrong, father?"

The abbot points to the original document: "The word is 'celebrate', not 'celibate'

:shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:

LG cobra

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