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Alles rund um die Sondergemeinschaft Neuapostolische Kirche (NAK), die trotz bedenklicher Sonderlehren (u.a. Versiegelung, Entschlafenenwesen mit Totenmission, Totentaufe, Totenversiegelung und Totenabendmahl, Heilsnotwenigkeit der NAK-Apostel, Erstlingsschaft, ..), weiterhin "einem im Kern doch ... exklusiven Selbstverständnis", fehlendem Geschichtsbewusstsein und Aufarbeitungswillen, speziell für die Zeit des Dritten Reiches, der DDR, der Bischoffs-Botschaft ("... Ich bin der Letzte, nach mir kommt keiner mehr. ..."), sowie ihrer jüngsten Vergangenheit und unter erheblichem Unmut ehemalicher NAK-Mitglieder, auch Aussteiger genannt, die unter den missbräuchlichen Strukturen und des auf allen Ebenen ausgeprägten Laienamtes der NAK gelitten haben, weiterhin leiden und für die die NAK nach wie vor eine Sekte darstellt, im April 2019 als Gastmitglied in die ACK Deutschland aufgenommen wird.

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"Building Modern Chief Apostle Visits" (eine Anlehnung an "Building Modern Congregations")

Auf die Antwort aus dem Buero von Herrn Dr. Leber kann man gespannt sein. Vielleicht veranlassen ihn auch die darauf folgenden Kommentare noch etwas zum Nachdenken - falls er jemals Kenntnis von ihnen erhaelt.


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"LACNAC" hat den Ankuendigungswortlaut veroeffentlicht, der am 23. Maerz in allen englischsprechenden Gemeinden vorgelesen werden soll:

This is a copy of the letter that is gonna be read to all English speaking congregations on Easter sunday.
The Chief Apostle
To the English-speaking congregations of the New Apostolic Church

Please read aloud after the divine service on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, and then post on the congregation's notice- board.

Changes to the Lord's Prayer

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the divine service on Pentecost on Sunday, May 11, 2008, we will, in the English speaking countries, pray the Lord's Prayer for the first time according to the wording of the New King James version. The German-speaking countries will in future use the Luther translation of 1984. This was decided almost two years ago at the District Apostles' Meeting (see Our Family no. 7, July 2006), and now the date for the change is approaching.

Most of the changes are small, but one in particular is significant. Besides rearrangements of the word order and terminological changes, one new element in the content is particularly notable: The plea "But deliver us from the evil one (instead of from evil) points even more directly to the desire to be dissociated from God's adversary, Satan.

To facilitate the adjustment to the new version, I have arranged for the new wording to be made available as an insert to be pasted into your hymnals.

Here is the new text for the Lord's Prayer according to Matthew 6: 9-13 of the New King James version:

"Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.
And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

Please also refer to the forthcoming publications in our Church periodical Our Family and on our international website

With wishes for a blessed celebration of the holidays and my heartfelt greetings of love,
So it sounds like it is a "rule". It is interesting enough about the commandment issues. Don't see them changing the wording of those. I agree with you about the whole funeral and guest issue. While Christianity ranges from very conservative to very liberal, one fairly consistent feature is the wording of the Lord's Prayer, with generally the only difference being the "debt/debtor versus trespasses/those who trespass" debate. I know some churches also eliminate that last "for thine is the kingdom" part. But for the most part, the King James (original) version is used by most of English speaking Christianity. This is just one more was to differentiate the NAC.

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National Day of Prayer in den USA mit der Bitte: "Please give us the guidance to elect one who will honor you and to respond to the wisdom from above so that our hope may be renewed and our blessings be treasured."

Die NAC weist darauf hin, dass Himmelfahrt und dieser Tag auf den selben Tag fallen:
Letter from D.Ev.Ehmer, Asst. to DA Freund
Dear All,

Please note that Ascension Day and the National Day of Prayer fall on the same date this year (May 1). Please use the Ascension Day Divine Service Guide article for this divine service. It is the wish of our District Apostle that we make mention of this also being the National Day of Prayer at some point during the service. Please make sure all officiants are made aware of this point.
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To facilitate the adjustment to the new version, I have arranged for the new wording to be made available as an insert to be pasted into your hymnals.
Beim Beten soll man doch die Augen geschlossen halten!

Oh, dann sind die Spickzettel auf den Altaeren ja auch nutzlos.


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42 hat geschrieben:...Beim Beten soll man doch die Augen geschlossen halten!...
Sonst schaut einem der Teufel in die Augen. :shock:
Eine beliebte Aussage in den früheren Sonntagsschulstunden. :cry:



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Neues Gesangbuch soll im Mai in den USA verteilt werden. Aus dem NACboard

Glossar: LRK ist Leonard Kolb. Der Kommentar bezieht sich auf eine Frage zu den Einlegern fuer das GB mit dem neuen Text des Vaterunser, die ebenfalls verteilt werden sollen.


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Nur am Rande: Ist bekannt, ob es auch in EU/D herausnehmbare Gebetstexteinlagen geben wird?


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tergraM, wir duerfen wohl aus dem Schweigen schliessen: "Wir wissen es nicht".

"olderandwisertwo" meint zum Selbstbild der NAK:
Self-Image of the NAC

While I have not read the OF article, it appears to be a report on seven points of the "Self Image" which was unveiled at last December's Information Evening held by the CA. The stated purpose of these points is to guide the members in speaking with unified tongue when testifying to non-NAC's. It is rather heavy on the "necessity" of NAC apostles and probably will turn off many potential guests - but heck, then they weren't meant to be God's children anyway. It is hoped that most believing members would be able to explain what and why they believe, rather than parroting a "cheat-sheet".

My question is, what role did the CHURCH, which is comprised of it's MEMBERS, play in professing such a self image? Or is this merely the image which it's leaders, the apostles, would like the members to espouse?
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Gemeindemitglieder von Los Angeles Central feiern Gruendonnerstag Abend (und ein paar Gedanken zum National Day of Prayer in den USA, der mit dem Himmelfahrttag zusammenfaellt)
You raise a couple of interesting points. With respect to doing both, yes, theoretically we could do both but I think you are missing the point of deaconess' post (and Freund's letter). Equal wieght is not being given to NDoP. Freund advocates that it is "mentioned", almost as an afterthought. So, at least to me me, that isn't doing both. NDoP would present a wonderful opportunity for Christian unity among other churches, but it really is being ignored. Now, with respect to the second part of your post, I think deaconess summed it up quite nicely by quoting Acts 1:9-11. I think that scripture tells us Ascension Day isn't and shouldn't be treated in the same light as Christmas, Good Friday or Easter.

Along those lines, 4 of us from our congregation celebrated Maudy Thursday last night including breaking bread and dipping it in wine (grape juice), singing some worship songs, and washing one another's feet. And in all honesty, the intimacy I felt with my few brothers and sisters and the intimacy I felt with the Lord at that moment exceeded that which I feel sitting through many a sermon. "Do this in remembrance of me" is so that we remember the life He lived, the life He gave, and the life He wants us to have.
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Reformatted, GG001


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Konfirmation nach US-Weise

Mit "Peter" ist Peter Johanning gemeint, GG001.

"Deaconess" schreibt:
Peter, please forward the following to Dr. Kieffer and Chief Apostle Leber:
March 24, 2008
Dear Dr. Kieffer:
The following incident was shared on the NACBoard regarding a confirmation service held on Easter Sunday by an apostle in the United States:
"I recently attended a confirmation service where the officiant was an apostle. Just before the confirmands were asked to come before the altar, the apostle told the congregation that if there were any in eternity, who should have been confirmed on this day, their loved ones present should be assured that although no letter could be sent to them personally, they were in fact invited on this day.

All of this was said in rather a respectfully somber, but mysterious tone. It was also sufficiently vague so as to open up more questions, at least for me, than provide a comprehensive and coherent understanding of doctrine pertaining to the departed. Needless to say, I poked the unfortunate family member next to me and asked, "Is he saying that deceased "confirmands" are invited to observe the service or are they actually being confirmed?" He wrinkled his brow and thought a moment and replied, "I have no idea."
Dr. Kieffer, what is the scriptural justification for the above "practice", and can you please provide more details as to what exactly the apostle is suggesting is occurring, based on that scripture.
Kind regards,
Gayle Theilacker
Los Angeles Central Congregation

"Deaconess" schreibt spaeter:
Confirmation for the Dead

In Los Angeles District's recent confirmation service March 9, held by Apostle Kolb, he also made reference to those in eternity that would have been confirmed. Is it possible that there may have been recent discussion amongst the apostles in the U.S. that this "teaching" is being repeated?

"kbb" ueberlegt:
Confirmation has no meaning for the departed, unless they need to be recognized as adult dead members (sorry if this is callous) ...

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