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Alles rund um die Sondergemeinschaft Neuapostolische Kirche (NAK), die trotz bedenklicher Sonderlehren (u.a. Versiegelung, Entschlafenenwesen mit Totenmission, Totentaufe, Totenversiegelung und Totenabendmahl, Heilsnotwenigkeit der NAK-Apostel, Erstlingsschaft, ..), weiterhin "einem im Kern doch ... exklusiven Selbstverständnis", fehlendem Geschichtsbewusstsein und Aufarbeitungswillen, speziell für die Zeit des Dritten Reiches, der DDR, der Bischoffs-Botschaft ("... Ich bin der Letzte, nach mir kommt keiner mehr. ..."), sowie ihrer jüngsten Vergangenheit und unter erheblichem Unmut ehemalicher NAK-Mitglieder, auch Aussteiger genannt, die unter den missbräuchlichen Strukturen und des auf allen Ebenen ausgeprägten Laienamtes der NAK gelitten haben, weiterhin leiden und für die die NAK nach wie vor eine Sekte darstellt, im April 2019 als Gastmitglied in die ACK Deutschland aufgenommen wird.

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shalom hat geschrieben:Zum Hecht im Na-Karpfenteich: …“funerals-in-a-box“ = casket? :wink:

Nein, das habe ich anders verstanden. "Church-in-a-box" heisst entweder, dass saemtliche Utensilien fuer den Gottesdienst in einer Kiste transportiert werden koennen (Opferkasten, Abendmahlskelch, Keyboard, Bibel) und man so ueberall Gottesdienste halten kann, auch in shopping malls und office space, oder mit "box" ist auch umgangssprachlich der mehr oder weniger grosse Laden in einer strip mall gemeint. In Salt Lake City habe ich das letztere erlebt. "Funeral-in-a-box" heisst dann analog, dass man auch in einem gemieteten Bueroraum oder einer "box" (Laden) in einer strip mall die Trauerfeier halten kann, die in den U.S.A. oft auch am offenen Sarg stattfindet.
This objection was addressed by one of the attendees who remarked that the hotel where they've been holding services on Wednesday nights in the Mobile area does the set up of the chairs and tables each time. He [Hecht] mentioned that they need only set up the "church-in-a-box" that they have -- the chalice, portable piano, etc. Will there then be weddings-in-a-box... or funerals-in-a-box, where those events can take place in outside facilities at the members' expense?

Aus dem NACboard

Anscheinend ist es nicht mehr ungebraeuchlich, dass Kirchen in shopping malls Gottesdienste halten und ihre teuren Grundstuecke mangels Geld verkaufen.

Strip malls get saved — by churches. Zitat (Auszuege):
Never the most popular commercial tenants because of their Sunday-only customer traffic, churches are now the darlings of shopping-center landlords stuck with empty movie theaters and big-box retail stores.

Upstart churches have been leasing empty storefronts for years, though they tend to move on when they outgrow the space or can afford more-attractive quarters. But shopping centers are now filled with For Lease posters. And unconventional space in high-traffic retail settings has become so attractive to some churches that they are leaving their old sanctuaries for trendier digs.

"If it's breathing, it's looking good now," said Scott, senior vice president with Sikon Construction Corp. in Deerfield Beach. He said he has spoken recently with churches that are sitting on substantial real-estate holdings at a time when they're struggling financially but could negotiate strong lease deals with shopping-center or building owners.

For C3, the move into one of the region's biggest shopping centers has led to some profound changes. Of the 1,500 members and visitors who had been attending the old church on Sundays, "we lost about 1,400," Bledsoe said. But, he added, new people immediately started coming. Now C3 [which stands for Connecting the Community with Christ] draws about 700 congregants on Sundays — and about 90 percent of them had not been attending church previously, the minister said.

Without all the old overhead and operating expenses, he said, the church is debt-free and able to direct a much greater percentage of its offerings and revenue to those in need. It recently gave 500 backpacks to needy children and fed 6,500 families.
strip mall = nebeneinanderliegende Laeden unter einem gemeinsamen Dach, jeweils mit ein paar eigenen Parkplaetzen vor der Tuer. Ein ganz einfaches "shopping center" Konzept.


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Mutmasslicher Gedaechtnisgottesdienst zum Todesjahr von J.G. Bischoff

Salt in an old wound

I truly hope that this is pure fiction. It would take a monumental insensitivity to have a church service to COMMEMORATE an event that proves one of its former leaders was a false prophet, an event that was at the center of so many bad feelings and lingering unanswered questions. A wise man would let this anniversary slide quietly into history.

"cubbie" im NACboard.

Noch kann sich der Leiter der Kirche darauf berufen, dies sei alles ein grosses Missverstaendnis bei denen gewesen, welche die Ankuendigung gehoert haben.


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GG001 hat geschrieben:... A wise man would let this anniversary slide quietly into history. im NACboard.
Dr. Leber hat sich in der Sache bisher wahrhaftig nicht als 'wise man' gezeigt. Jede Hoffnung, er könnte ausgerechnet in diesem JGB-Gedenk-GD die Kurve kriegen, scheint mir unrealistisch. Der aktuelle Leiter der NAK ist wohl noch ein Teil des Problems, noch kein Teil der Lösung.

Man wird eines anderen warten müssen. So man warten will.


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klitzke hat geschrieben:
Dear Rectors and up,
The District Apostle Kolb has formed a Project Group to study whether the current Confirmation age is the most appropriate age for making the transition from child to adult in the Church. To help determine if a change should be made, we are asking you for your opinion on some questions associated with this topic. Would you please complete the survey (see link below) by November 5th and forward this message to your ministers and members in your congregations so that they can participate in this survey also.

Thank you for your assistance!

Looks like the confirmation age could change again.
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deaconess hat geschrieben:Our Family - Our Bible
from the Our Family, "Different Approaches to the Bible", October 5, 2009 issue :
Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism assume that the Holy Spirit has empowered the individual to interpret the bible in the proper manner. "Letting the Holy Spirit be your teacher (1 John 2:27), search the Scriptures He has authored, using cross-references, comparative passages, concordances, indexes, and other helps" (ibid, p. xx). Thus the bible study groups within Fundamentalist or Evangelical congregations represent the practical embodiment of the common priesthood of the faithful.

Also in this aspect, the position of the New Apostolic Church differs fundamentally from that of the Fundamentalist and Evangelical movements, since it emphasises that the teaching ministry called by God, i.e. the apostolate, must be responsible for the binding interpretation, of the bible text. Thus even in New Apostolic Bible study groups, the Bible text cannot be considered independently of its authoritative interpretation through the apostlolate."
HelpMFTT hat geschrieben:Finally - proof
There are multiple Holy Spirirts!! The NAC has finally proven that the Spirit that leads into all truth gets "supersized" when you're an apostle.

deaconess hat geschrieben:NAC's chief theologian
I guess Dr. Kiefer's soon to be out of job since he's not an apostle. Can't have any false teaching going on, as he's not qualified to interpret scripture.
BatP hat geschrieben:Holy S__t!
deaconess hat geschrieben: from the Our Family, "Different Approaches to the Bible", October 5, 2009 issue :
Thus even in New Apostolic Bible study groups, the Bible text cannot be considered independently of its authoritative interpretation through the apostlolate."
Which apostle? Which generation? Which frickin' day?! It would be so :oops: to make such a claim. As I've suggested before, the NAC apostolate should publish The Old and New Testaments plus Apocrypha according to The New Apostolic Apostolate and get all the guess work out of the way. Put down in black and white what it is that God actually meant when He inspired the writers, editors and plagiarizers to pen the many chapters of His book. If that doesn't bring the crowds thronging then The Work is lost.
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Support our troops!

I just checked out NAC TV and it was transmitting from Milwaukee and this week there was sound. What was interesting when I signed in was there was a commercial for the army at the bottom of the picture.

At least it was the US Army not the German one. Hey Ed, maybe next week they will have one for the Navy.

Yeah, seeing that Army ad was pretty strange LOL. I made the attendance at around 45 - 48 based on communion serving. Was this a live Wednesday night service?

Kinda cool to watch a service and see the LA - Philly play-off on Gamechannel at Yahoo at the same time Had a Corona and wings in place of the Bread and Wine/wafer.
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Die ==> web Seite.


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Die Werbung taucht anscheinend deswegen auf, weil die Sendung ueber einen werbefinanzierten Kanal laeuft.

Zum Verkauf des Kirchengebaeudes in Pensacola, FL: Apostel Hecht war in der Gemeinde, um Auskunft ueber die bevorstehende Gemeindeschliessung zu geben. Ein Mitschnitt der Veranstaltung im NACboard hat diesen Kommentar veranlasst.


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Die Geschichte des Bezirks wirkt fort.
"Who are the U.S. apostles and bishops (are there some missing?) ...
Kolb, Fendt, Orlofski, Schmidt, Hecht, Hoffmann, Hammer, Fuerbach, Fendt, Freund and Schmidt, Whited, Milligan and Morse"
Would I be forgiven to think it sounds like the seventh district of NAC Germany (with its own seven apostles)?

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Entschlafenengottesdienst 2009

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Service for the Departed (SFD) 2009. Brief von Leonard Kolb mit einem Auszug aus einem Schreiben von StAp. Leber.


Re: Entschlafenengottesdienst 2009

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GG001 hat geschrieben:...Brief von Leonard Kolb mit einem Auszug aus einem Schreiben von StAp. Leber.
Wie gehabt, leider nur Küchentischtheologie :!:

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